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New energy promotes the construction of a carbon neutral society

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The global climate issue is having a profound impact on the Earth’s ecological environment, and has become a huge historical challenge facing all humanity. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, curbing global temperature rise, and striving to achieve carbon neutrality goals are human initiatives and common pursuits in the face of the climate change crisis.

Carbon neutrality is a large-scale system engineering involving multiple disciplines and fields. Achieving the goal of carbon neutrality requires a solid theoretical foundation and guidance from scientific methods, and carbon neutrality has emerged as the times require. Carbon neutrality is a discipline that studies the minimization of the impact of human activity footprints on the natural environment, focusing on the Earth, climate, energy, and humans with carbon dioxide as the core, as well as their effective coordinated development.

Carbon neutrality studies point out that the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality is to build a “green earth, livable home”, achieve harmonious coexistence between humans and the earth, and build a carbon neutral society.

Carbon neutral society is a stage in the process of human society. If people achieve carbon neutrality in the Earth’s ecosystem through their efforts, then human society can be called a carbon neutral society. The main elements of human society that are directly related to carbon neutrality are social ideology, social behavior, and social order.

Social ideology. In the process of human social development, social thinking is also constantly evolving. From the initial reverence for nature to contempt, and then back to reverence, this is the overall path of ideological change in human society.

Social behavior. In the industrial civilization society, various human behaviors have caused the imbalance of the natural carbon cycle, including overproduction, expansion of demand, and excessive consumption. To completely solve the problem of climate change, it is not only necessary to control carbon emissions in the production process and social activities themselves, but also to change social behaviors such as excessive consumption and production.

Social order. Circular economy and limited production can maintain the normal operation of society while reducing the total labor volume of the entire society; Cultural inheritance, scientific research, and physical strengthening will become daily compulsory projects for the general public. People will invest their limited physical and intellectual energy into promoting cultural inheritance, technological progress, and individual health for social development, enabling human civilization to develop faster under limited resource conditions. The reconstruction of these social orders is the key to maintaining sustainable development for humanity with only one Earth home providing resources, and it is also the foundation for the stable development of a carbon neutral society in the future.

The Earth is the only home for humanity, and the carbon emissions caused by human social activities have had an impact on the ecosystem. Everyone is responsible for the increase in carbon emissions, and restoring the clean atmosphere of the Earth also requires everyone to make efforts. Building a carbon neutral society is a great feat for humanity to save the earth and save human civilization; Establishing a carbon neutral social order and compensating for the damage caused to the Earth in the past requires the recognition and dedication of everyone, every enterprise, and every country.

Carbon neutrality is a fundamental condition for ensuring that the Earth’s home has fresh air, pleasant temperature, vigorous vitality, and clean space. The key to achieving carbon neutrality goals lies in the transformation of energy structure. Under the goal of carbon neutrality, the transition from carbon based energy to non carbon based energy will accelerate the transformation of the energy system towards low-carbon and zero carbonization. Fossil energy will gradually transition from the main source of energy to affordable energy, and new energy will gradually become the main source of clean energy. The goal of carbon neutrality strategy has accelerated the arrival of the new energy era. Developing new energy is the key to achieving a carbon neutral society and building a green and livable earth. When the entire human society is included in the carbon neutral system, we will regain and have a “green earth, livable home” for a long time.